H1Z1 Exploits

H1Z1 Exploits

Can H1z1 exploits be considered as cheating ?

H1Z1 Exploits

Apparently, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has a new game in progress. On a now released teaser website at h1z1.com suggests at least. It is not yet clear what exactly it apparently referred to H1Z1 project to who.

Bring light into the dark could however already now: SOE President John Smedley announced that last night via twitter.com that yet unangekünigte game will be officially launched on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 2:00 in the live stream on 1337loungelive.com – including first gameplay scenes.

In addition, the game could very much earlier come on the market as intended. Also via twitter.com Smedley had on the question of a fans that know that the game will be very soon completely playable.
Sony H1Z1 has registered as a trade mark already in last January. At that time, Smedley released some teaser images of an early alpha version of the project via twitter.com.

«The name of the game itself could, however, give an indication on the game content: In the wake of swine flu caused by the H1N1 virus came 2009 on the Internet rumors about a new pathogen on, after which the infected their lives in the best zombie fashion for two hours» aroused again “- but with extremely violent behavior. The alleged name of virus mutation: H1Z1.
The whole thing turned out quickly as a macabre joke of the Internet, however, Sony could have now picked up the story and used in his same name game.

A YouTuber has recently launched a social experiment in the Battle Royale mode by H1Z1: he called his teammates to pacifism and founded a movement of nonviolence. His video shows whether it has worked.

Some players are using this kind of exploits to gain an unfair advantage

Pacifism and trust are not just topics that would be brought to bear in the context of the often suspicious and virtually violence-prone community of online-zombie survival game. However, has the YouTuber CDNThe3rd recently tried his luck a pacifism movement founded in H1Z1 – and that precisely at the last-man-standing mode Battle Royale, where the last survivor receives the highest reward.

After joining the server CDNThe3rd encourages his teammates first to their weapons to disarm and to recruit more supporters for the peaceful movement with your hands. And indeed: many players come the Please of the YouTubers for and with him, embark on a missionary tour through the hostile world of H1Z1, which provides for the peace-loving survivors but also the one or the other test. The game is still young and with many exploits and cheaters are trying to use this for their advantage.

What words CDNThe3rd a large part of his teammates could convert to pacifism and the social experiment in Battle Royale finally ended, shows the corresponding video of YouTubers.

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Heroes of the Storm Key Generator

The truth about the Heroes of the Storm Key Generator

Heroes of the Storm Key Generator

By chance, I discovered the button for my battle.NET window that I finally also can test the alpha. After this review more likely each DOTA(Defence of the Ancients)/LOL(League of Legends) will hate me players :). I will give a brief insight about my past experiences.

I will have to listen to probably more often this sentence. Most critics of the game complain the probably lack depth because a shop (the shop for items I mean not the Blizzard store) is completely missing, move the heroes as a team and there is overall slightly slower as the MOBA – leader. I must mention that I played DOTA mod only used in Warcraft 3 and got only a brief insight into LOL. What I can confirm, as someone of DOTA and LOL also briefly tested, that the entry is much more pleasant than “Market leaders”, which however does not mean that it is a casual game. I have to say, the community told me more than the Russian talk in DOTA and the eternal geflame in LOL, maybe I was just lucky because I was able to spend the first game with a group, explain first that I like best with my hero games. “No geflame of for:, och no only noobs!” or:, nahui Paschol! “.” But let’s get to the game play.

At the basis, it plays like every other MOBA. There are multiple lanes and several Tower stand where mobs running the lanes. Thus for the first time all the same. However, there is the one or the other feature. The item shop on the map was painted, to improve his hero only through the levels. Leveling does not happen otherwise per hero but levelt the whole team together, there in the UI a display with a red and a blue beam, they fill up depending on which team of just Experience points received, that maximum level here 30. The mobs that are in the jungle, are not just XP suppliers but support on the lanes once it has defeated them.

Download a real Heroes of the Storm Key Generator

This is currently the best way to get into the HOTS beta. You can download a generator of keys for HEroes of the Storm from many websites online. There are differences also in the towers, each tower has also an ammo indicator in addition to its life points, the display is blank can not shoot the tower. The downtime of the towers you can make good use of and bring about even faster, a hero has an ability to steal ammunition the towers z.B. Also on the maps, Blizzard makes things different, clearly remains the basic layout of the lanes, there are only small differences. The difference to the market leader is the interactivity of the maps here, any maps has a small feature which you can use to quickly rotate a game. For example, be a

Map 2 mineshafts open after a certain time, then get in a map inside the map, so to speak, skeletal group and a small boss monsters which drop at the demise of the small skull here. All enemies in the mine are dead, will appear at each. Some websites are already selling Heroes of the Storm keys for the various servers.

Team a Golem depending how much man has collected skulls, stark is different. The Golem is a huge support for the push. I have seen 3 different map variants, the mines-map, a “pirate”-map where you collect have Doubloons and then appears a Ghost ship which bomb throwing and a map with 2 shrines and a statue that you can bring to life. In my opinion the game depth here less to the hero, but more on the interaction with the surroundings and the team play in just this interactive environment is.

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Crysis 3 Cheats

Crysis 3 Cheats

Crysis 3 Cheats

Crysis 3 Cheats

With Crysis 3 the Frankfurt Entwicker Crytek delivers the brilliant finale of the sci-fi trilogy – and especially impressed with bombastic optics and great animations. Hardware enthusiasts will have fun with this game: Crysis 3 calls each graphics card. Playing Crysis offers three short but meaningful innovations, a mixed, confusing story and a fairly satisfying end.
20 years after Crysis 2: The alien race of Ceph is defeated, the Group has acquired Cell monopolistic economic power. New York is in ruins, overgrown by plants and screened by a huge dome, the Cell has built around …. What exactly to do? Well, in any case in order to protect a secret that is her in the nano-skin of Super soldier Prophet on the ground.

Crysis 3 is a brilliant good-looking shooter, which keeps a constant high technical level and should allow programmers of competition engines envy. The rotting and overgrown New York alone is worth a visit, but the shooter part yourself also works perfectly usual. Bow and heels are nice, if not spectacular innovations and the new skill system remains unobtrusive. Something spectacular opponents with more variety would have been good but the game and the story is not convincing in the end. Here the authors have much wrong track too long to do anything to save there. Never mind, a total of 3 Crysis has become a very good, high-quality graphical end of a great series.

Crysis 3 in review: How We Tested

As with its predecessor sent Crytek also this time no trials to editors: Instead, Crytek and EA Games Editors invited a week after a Frankfurt to test Crysis 3 for a whole week in a hotel room. PC Games sent two editors out Robert Horn and Felix Schütz. Were accompanied by two colleagues of the two sister magazine PC Games Hardware. On location in Frankfurt, we were able to repeatedly play through Crysis 3 at rest and thereby make their own screenshots and record videos. The material must then be approved by Crytek but, primarily to avoid story spoilers.

Crysis 3 in review: The you need to know
In order to play the shooter at all, you need a valid Origin account, EAs online platform. In addition, your operating system must be at least Windows Vista, XP is no longer supported by the game. Your video card must also be Direct X 11-capable. For high details you should also a quad-core processor (like, Phenom II X4 or Core 2 Quad), a dual-core processor at high details already struggling to keep 30 fps.

Where is the Crysis 3 multiplayer test?
The extensive multiplayer mode of Crysis 3, we have not tested on site – even though we had the chance. To test the multiplayer mode we pass by, either in the issue of the next issue or online. Because even if we in the test event had the opportunity to Frankfurt to complete multiplayer games, we want to test something in peace under live conditions naturally prefer. We are the multiplayer mode so only fire up when the rest of humanity can do. The only way we know how stable the title is really running, how many people play, where it falls short on most and how the cheater situation is.

Somehow it belongs in a Crytek title to rave about the optics. And somehow it sounds then always the same: It turns over with superlatives, praises various technical features, throw technical terms such as tessellation, displacement mapping or parallax occlusion mapping in the space and garnished the whole thing with behavioral descriptions of human body parts such as drop-down pine tree, bulging eyes, undisturbed grin , sudden emptying of the bladder … But hey, this game deserves it. Really. The predecessor has left many players unsatisfied, he was technically very good, but not brilliant and let PC players little opportunity to play around with the effects. Crysis 3 makes everything better. Numerous adjustment possibilities of the particle density on texture resolution, water effects, shading, shadows or Anisotropic filtering: Crysis 3 offers you enough options to make your PC work up a sweat. In this case, the shooter sees himself on medium and high settings looks damn good, the details in the highest settings (such as ambient light occlusion) are more subtle nature.

In terms of technology Crytek fully relies on Direct X 11 and thus on effects such as tessellation and displacement mapping. The Frankfurter use all these effects with a technical brilliance that make the shooter into a real work of art: Subtle lighting, impressive water effects and tack-sharp textures make Crysis 3 to the previously best looking shooter genre are.

The scenes: Seven Wonders

Of course, bear in seven different areas that visited it in the course of a little too short failed adventure. We think: Nearly every scene, every image you see in Crysis 3, might as well be used as a desktop background or printed be hung on the wall, so beautiful is what is shown. The attention to detail is impressive. There seems to be no corner in Crysis 3, which are not prepared to the minutest detail, and was decorated perfectly illuminated.

The mixture of destroyed city and luxuriant jungle, the developers at Crytek also succeeded perfectly. Your roams wide, savannah-like landscapes, trudges through swampy areas or roars with a buggy (yes, there are vehicle deposits) were destroyed, vast areas. We especially enjoyed the sun-flooded areas have fallen beginning: Later Crysis 3 is darker, which, although the atmosphere is good, the bombastic appearance but sometimes sold under value and get our Crysis 3 Cheats now.

The animations: sophisticated and credible

Another advantage of the already acclaimed already in the sky optics represent the great animations of the characters, especially Prophets Sidekick Psycho. Former consuming some fighters colleague has aged visibly in Crysis 3, has lost much of its old bite and also helps civilian clothes instead of nano suit. Why this is so, tells the story like so much only inaccurate (See point: The Story). Psycho accompanies you through almost the entire story and sit as brilliant animated, that we can shake our heads in disbelief. In close-ups you can see every detail of the aging fighter, recognize pores and skin blemishes, scars and stubble and even see how to change the pupils according to lighting. Psycho moves lifelike and interacts with his exhausted, weary kind (just because it looks so human) incredibly authentic.

Unfortunately, Psycho remains but the exception: Although you meet other characters (you can count them on one hand), and the look damn lifelike, but they acknowledge the developers far too little time to dig more into the memory of the player , So Prophet and Psycho act like two lonely heroes who fight in a self-sufficient world against invisible enemies. A little more New York population would have done quite well!

Playful freedom: Typical Crysis

Crysis 3 in review: The PC version impresses with outstanding technology. The story is rather weak on all platforms. (13)
Crysis 3 in review: The PC version impresses with outstanding technology. The story is rather weak on all platforms. (13)
Source: PC Games
The Crysis series always is (relative) freedom fun: Give the player a complex, let him from A to B and leave it to him which way he chooses it. This does not change even in Crysis 3. As always, the playful freedom not completely, as always level limits are but well concealed. For this, the developers are working a lot with vertical gameplay, that is, that you proceed from different heights can to lay about to ambush from the ruined second floor of a skyscraper. In the predecessor there were these possibilities, only the AI had so often their difficulty and often hopelessly confused stormed through the corridors.

This also happens in Crysis 3, but significantly less. All told, by fighting through various levels have really liked, because the computer opponent likes to attack with height advantage or circulate sent you. As always, if gameplay meets artificial intelligence, it also comes in Crysis 3 errors. Not always the AI reacts smart, be obsessed or stuck somewhere. This is neither dramatic nor troublesome and like it still better than the opponents of fucking stupid waves from the Call of Duty series.

The Visor is used in the third part again to sections to check beforehand on ammunition and opponents in order to gain a tactical advantage. In addition, however, that it marked not only opponents with the thing, but also paralyze enemy electronics:

New features: Hacking

The hacking of minefields, defensive towers or even hostile combat units such as the Scorcher is a simple game mechanic that makes enjoyable nonetheless a lot of fun. Approaches ye hackable objects (usually an enemy automatic firing device) can, attend her out of invisibility out a simple mini-game, to temporarily pull the target on your side. Artillery fire on their own people and then minefields can be wonderful to reprogram nasty traps. Even the Scorcher, a Ceph unit is hacked and there after a successful electronic attack for a few seconds up the ghost. The hack mini-game is simple enough (shoot!) From the actual gameplay does not distract, but also not unnecessarily annoying as many mini-games similar other titles. We would have liked even more Hack options and a significantly higher level of difficulty for larger objects.

New features: The Arch

Also the bow, Prophets new favorite weapon, brings a surprising amount of fun in the fighting. Thanks to various arrowheads, the high-tech device is versatile, it can also be fired from the invisibility out without doing their own camouflage is destroyed. Thus the arch next to the stealth kills is the only active option, unrecognized attack. Then the arrow spin is not too overpowering, the available ammo is very limited, so you must always well economize with your arrows. Although we initially ridiculed the bow: This thing is really fun, so you feel like a hunter, silently sneaking up on its unsuspecting prey.

The suit: New Upgrades

The smart nano-suit, as always, star of the game was hardly revised compared to its predecessor. Still you can thus run faster, jump higher, insert more damage or be temporarily invisible, all pretty intuitive and easy to learn. For this, the developers have thrown the skill system from part 2 completely overboard. In the game, you now find Nano-upgrades that you invest in a plain menu in new suit functions. An unlockable detector is about movement routines of opponents in the game world, a hacking update facilitates cracking of hostile software. Passive bonuses let you during the battles longer withstand and dish out more damage in close combat, they also contribute, that ye be not seen. Up to four updates you are allowed to run simultaneously, various combinations can be stored in the set and so call as needed.
Really motivating and especially deep the system is not: In the game, we found ourselves here, just so long to search for the required upgrade points until we had together the right system for us. Then the nano-enhancements were uninteresting. Crucial game they are not anyway.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS4 Hacks

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS4 Hacks

Playstation 4 – Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Hacks

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS4 Hacks

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare appears at the beginning of november and there are several reasons to look out for this game. The main one being the fact that this is the first game of the new Call of Duty studio Slegdehammer Games. An ambitious studio that Call of Duty want to innovate. They have three years to every part of the popular shooter looked and there their vision on released.

This does not mean that the series is complete all of a sudden something else than what you’re used to, but that Sledgehammer within the series though hefty wants to make progress. This should give you both in the single player, multiplayer and the co-op go brands.

I played the multiplayer during the unveiling on the eve of the Gamescom and last week I had the chance to play it again. This was a big month ago my first comment:

Generally is the story of a Call of Duty game not very profound. The exception to this were the Black Ops-parts, which showed that this is possible within the series. The men of Slegdehammer Games include (partly) responsible for Dead Space and want with Advanced Warfare features characters drop within a strong story.

Therefore they break with the tradition of multiple protagonists. They choose one playable character and from his eyes you will experience the whole story. This story is set in the near future, in which private military organizations (PMC ‘s) have taken the upper hand over the armies of countries. War is a commercial business, and the character is played by Kevin Spacey, Jonathan Irons, is the head of the largest PMC, Atlas.

Playstation 4 Hacks with Aimbot now available!

This are the only Playstation 4 Hacks you will find for the game at the moment. The story of Advanced Warfare must therefore become more buoys and is also longer than what you’re used to in recent years by a Call of Duty. How much longer would not only say, because that Sledgehammer differs for each person. A longer single player sounds good and now you can also earn points during missions at the end of that mission to your exo-skeleton can upgrade and you can find audio logs for more backstory, you will also want to quickly by the missions less rushen.

The single player remains, however, as far as I can judge so far-after seeing parts of four or five missions–still a coaster with little real freedoms. You go from A to B and follow the instructions on the go, making the capabilities of your exo-skeleton fantastic will be demonstrated by crowds and shooting between enemies dead.

Take for example the opportunity to thanks to your exo-skeleton against a wall to climb. I wonder if you are going to use this often in the game or that it only in that one mission is in which you must run to a wall and on X to print so you will get a short demonstration where technology is capable of. Or a mission with a hover tank. In it you can choose three different weapons. One is good against foot soldiers, one against tanks and one against helicopters. You play a piece of a mission with this tank and that piece still feels as you normally do like a mini game, even though you can control completely the tank itself. It’s recognize which enemy you for you have, select the right arm and focus.

Is this a problem? Not as far as I’m concerned, but it does provide clearly that Advanced Warfare still the roller coaster ride is that you’ve come to expect from Call of Duty. It’s what else than, for example, a Batman game in which you slowly unlock skills and this, as the game progresses, getting better has to learn and combine the knowledge you gain during the climbing wall or fight in the hover tank used to be useful later in the game.

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Free Fut 15 Coins

Free Fut 15 Coins

How to get free coins for FUT 15 – Using the new Coins Generator

Free Fut 15 Coins
For starters, the interface of FIFA received a make over. It now seems a bit on an Xbox Dashboard, with square faces and multiple pages. Things are bigger if it turns out that you they often used; If you, for example, many Ultimate Team play, is that the most important thing on your Home. Get the new Fut 15 Coin generator here for free and start generating any amount of coins you desire.

Your fellow players would according to EA in FIFA 14 must anticipate an attack and not only on the man with the ball and calculate trajectories of your defense tilts. walking actions of attackers. This means that shorter is covered and help your fellow players to hunt, so that the playback capabilities of your opponent be limited.

Where you seen at all was 13 in FIFA if you a tackle wrong timid, EA has introduced ‘ Second Chance ‘, so you still get a second chance after a failed tackle to get the ball to eat sweets. This is also because the ball is not stuck to the player with ball possession, but he rolls more loosely across the field and you have the feeling that you with much more good can prevail in the timing of your tackles defense.

Because the ball is looser on the field and not with an invisible string is at your feet, is also dribbling another matter. You are more dependent on the technical qualities of your player. As a result, speed in FIFA also less overpowered, since technical and physical qualities just as decisive in a successful dribble.

Not completely outgunned to make if you’re in the attack against a strong defense, is fully available for the linkertrigger protecting the ball, and also, if you’re in a sprint duel the ball, you can use a small tap on that button just put your body, so you will be effe some breathing space and sprint.

At EA they have with these changes sought to make the player more playing football in place of the English ‘ kick and rush ‘, what you see quite often now. EA has the vision that you are working on a careful attack across multiple disks, making scoring you a much more satisfying feeling.

We can say that there is little wrong to this version of FIFA; EA set the stroke for the ultimate football simulation FIFA by with this and it is again the best in the series. But, the steps are getting smaller and the sustainability of the engine starts to come to an end. That was extra clear after we at E3 and Gamescom extended the next-gen version can play. That game was a lot better in the field of animation, gameplay and appearance, and so now I power to the next-gen.


It is the time for the potential football game of the year: FIFA 14! The FIFA franchise has proven in recent years and is now according to the critics the best game of its kind. Or FIFA 14 success can continue? JJ and Skate go tell you in this FIFA14 Review.

The criticism that annually gets every FIFA game, is that the game hardly changed, apart from the usual transfers and small tweaks. With Electronic Arts FIFA 12 and 13 has indeed proved that the FIFA franchise is undergoing drastic changes. These changes, such as the tactical defense in Fifa 12, are the game benefited and are well received by the fans.

If we are to believe, there are in Electronic Arts FIFA 14 showing some big changes. So are the engines greatly improved and feels even more realistic to everything. FIFA 14 now uses the so-called ‘ Pure Shots’ engine. This engine make sure the ball is very realistic acting and makes performing for example MOP shots possible.

What the skeptics often claim, is that these changes are not worthy enough to ask the full whack for a new title. The question is therefore whether FIFA 14 is an improvement on its predecessor. JJ has cannot wait for the new FIFA game and has played it for hours to check if FIFA 14 better than its predecessors. None other than Skate is sitting next to him to check if that goal is achieved. Or JJ and Skate are convinced of the new sports game from Electronic Arts you hear in the FIFA 14 Review.


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star wars commander tips

Star Wars Commander

Meet the new strategy game for Mobile – Star Wars Commander

star wars commander tips

There is a new game of strategy and structure in the scenario of Star Wars: Commander star warriors fight in solo and Princess Leia on pages of the Alliance or the rebels with celebrities such as Han. The payment system should wake up otherwise in itself but also the anger dormant Jedi Knight.

As the operator of a small outpost on Tatooine we don’t have it easy. The constant attacks of the sand people, to the confusion of the stellar big policy – no wonder that we join the Empire or the rebels in Star Wars Commander after a few training missions. The mobile game is then in a campaign against the other side, and in multiplayer mode against human players fight.
This works in two stages. For one the star Warrior builds its base and produced the best troops, tanks, and vessels; at the station must be defended By the way also. On the other hand, we go into fight mode and place there so that they destroy enemy positions or bomb a given part of the city in land combat units by tapping on the landscape. These interventions usually take around two to three minutes and can also prematurely cancel itself. If you are looking to learn more about the game you can visit this unofficial website that shares some very interesting tips and tricks about the new Star Wars Commander.
Commander goes on almost from the first moment A few of the largest Star Wars heroes: Han Solo is fighting itself, Princess Leia or Darth Vader giving us orders. Wookiee warriors pull on the battlefield or, on the other hand, Imperial stormtroopers for us in the battle. To rattle the legendary soundtrack by John Williams from the speakers.

The program is in principle free of charge, is likely to make real euro fun most players but in the long run only with the use. Without paid green crystals, there is absurdly long waits after the initial phase. Thumb, we have to turn a few minutes until the completion of easier units around. The expansion of our headquarters ever proposed four hours. Since it doesn’t help much that the iPhone on request notifies us when the time is over. Maximum players can buy 14,000 crystals – that’s enough then while awhile, beats but also with nearly 90 euros.


In addition to the micropayment offers, there are again attempting to persuade us to share our adventures on Facebook. Nice: A bit subtle criticism of social media is to To find, by the developer put the words “Work your tricks on me not” in the mouth the wise Obi-wan Kenobi for the rejection of the levy of an assessment even in the program.

Star Wars Commander is available for iPhone and iPod touch on iOS 6.0 large as about 57 MB download. Officially the program comes from Lucasfilm, a subsidiary of the media group Disney By the way. The screen texts are well translated, the voice acting is also in this country to hear – where developers have asked not the real Harrison Ford as the voice of Han Solo at the microphone, but an actor with a similar voice in English.

The program has currently minor bugs, about flawed hidden buttons. A version for Android to appear later, there is Not yet a date for.


Commander would be a quite entertaining strategy game without Star Wars for on the go. The missions are entertaining, the base building complex is a good mix and simple, the multiplayer options are managed. The star Warrior elements nicely in scene the whole value felt on – Nice that mainly classic characters like Han are solo and Chewbacca at the heart.

Represents a minus the monetization: waiting times for free players are A lot too long and the prices destroy the mood impertinence, the constant references to Facebook and the payment options. It’s a pity that there is not at least optionally for a few euros as complete version without such annoyances to buy Commander!

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Free Warface Hack

Thi is the  only free  hack for Warface released to the public

Free Warface Hack

The developers at Crytek have announced the official launch of Free2Play shooters Warface for this October. Already from next week you can pull into battle, to insist on the team, as well as in various modes. A new trailer for Warface to tune in on the game. This warface free hack  is all you need to be able to dominate the game.

After several beta dates, the developers at Crytek have now announced the official launch of the Free2Play shooters Warface for the 21 October 2013. Who wants to go directly on the day of the release, should register according to Crytek on the official website. The makers have published also a new trailer to in relation to this announcement on the multiplayer shooter to tune in, you can see at the end of this message.

In the video for Warface is the interaction of teams in various short snippets. In the shooter, you guys as one of four different soldiers classes Rifleman, sniper, Medic and engineer on the way and denies team-based battles. Waiting also classical modes such as free for all and team Deathmatch. For more information and registration for the Free2Play game can be found on the official website. Warface will start for PC gamers, an Xbox 360 version is planned for the coming year.

At Crytek, when it starts in the free to play is not to shoot blank. Warface, already available in Russia, landed here in beta with the firm intention to sweep the competitors of a sleight of hand. A Cry Engine 3 optimized, a Director of AAA, plethora of game modes with the dedicated to neophyte potential co – op and of the competitive multi destined for the old veterans, Warface seems raking wide. But behind also auspicious content, gameplay is Announces at the height of a market where competition is stiff? What are you waiting for ? This is a free tool designed to help you beat your adversaries with ease. This free Warface Hack will make the difference for you!

On paper, this newcomer in the ruthless world of the FPS is tantalizing: an also large than a classic title development team, faithful to the DNA Crytek, regular follow-up in terms of balancing and content, all for zero euros, since Warface is a free to play. Besides the game cartons across the Urals with more than 7 million registered to date. The engine has been especially optimized to run on relatively modest configurations with an acceptable graphic quality. It notes that Warface starts from a simple Internet browser, a good idea for ease of access. The game moved quickly and without burrs under the new system of Crytek: Gface. The German developer gave a worked suddenly also present its new environment dedicated to the social gaming, darling of the publishers.

Interface strongly reminiscent of Xbox Live: list of friends, group of players to join the game in progress easily, everything is there to quickly launch the game without thinking too much, giving the opportunity to be as well a short part at the dej break ‘ as a long session on weekends. The synergy between Warface and Gface is total and the possibility to do everything via its browser brings some ease of access. However, the service is still in development, and difficult to advance it because quite a lot of features missing and some stability concerns are the order of the day.

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Download Cs go hacks for PC

Download Cs go hacks for PC

Get your hands on the new and improved hacks for Cs Go

Download Cs go hacks for PC

Arms Race is a game mode that has existed for a long time in the series, Counter Strike, but only now was officially adopted by the producers of the game. In previous games was implemented by the administrators of hundreds of private servers and was named Gun Game. The idea is simple, fun and addictive, evidenced by the fact that he was employed by several games of recent appearance. All players start with a weapon, and as you shoot down the enemies will be replaced, passing through all ranges of guns. This makes it a necessity to change the tactics of the game after each enemy killed. The winning team is determined by the first person who came to the last weapon, the knife, and he killed an enemy with it Deserves added that this is the first official game mode in the history of counter-strike in which respawn is done almost instantly after the death of the character. Unfortunately, for this game mode is available only two maps. Be overpowered with this fantastic cs go hack.

Demolition is a kind of combination between the Bomb Defusal and Arms Race, meaning they cannot be chosen the gun you want, but it goes through a progression of arms similar to that of the Arms Race, but all other rules of the game are the Bomb Defusal. For this game mode are available six specially designed maps.

The choice of the server where you want to enter is different now, as of this time there are two sections for this operation: official servers and servers of the Community (private). The official servers provides you with a system for skill-based matchmaking, so as to be always inserted into a server with players of your level. In the area of Community Server we find the old browser servers that proves again the functionality.

I can say though that I have concerns regarding the popularity of private servers in CS: whereas the game does not encourage their use, and even gives us the option to access their somewhere in the backburner. Furthermore, the game warns that entry on them may provide a different gaming experience than normal, as if we should think twice before choosing such an invention of the devil.

As the experience of the game, CS: GO do not differ greatly from the previous games. Talking about arsenal, the main changes are represented by the eight new weapons, some of which replace older variants of the same weapons (e.g. replace MP5 MP7) and the complete absence of silencer. Feeling fired with the gun remained the same, so any old fan will feel right at home in the Global Offensive. Instead, perhaps the most welcome change is the introduction of Molotov cocktails, incendiary and Grenada Grenada Decoy (which emit noises of shot). The Molotov Cocktail and grenade fire with flames covering the area near its commencement, so that they are excellent ways to protect yourself from the enemies that could penetrate in your area through a narrow corridor, for example.

Sound does not come with any big differences compared to the counter-strike: Source, which is not harmful in any case. However, the game looks graphically very different from Counter Strike: Source, even if it sees that runs on the same engine. The maps are far more detailed, specific objects (such as doors) can be partially or completely destroyed, and overall graphic style of the game has become much more serious and mature.

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Using VPN to Watch the World Cup

Brazilians expect Neymar to shine in the 2014 World Cup – Watch it as it happens live!

Using VPN to Watch the World Cup

Heir to the 10 shirt, Neymar has everything to shine at the World Cup. Attacker terminates special series on the players of the Brazilian national team. ‘ Outgoing, cheerful, happy, friend, good people ‘, enumerates Neymar.

Over the past few weeks, the national newspaper showed a special series made by Tino Marcos and Álvaro Sant’Anna on the life stories of the players from our selection.
To dive even in the story of each one of them, were ten months of interviews, research and travel to 35 cities in Brazil and also abroad. This Monday (2), Tino Marcos concludes this series with a character who has what it takes to shine on the world stage: Neymar Jr., the son of Neymar.

Early. “He started to earn money too early. Your first million came with 13 years, “says the father of the player.
Mutant. “If you feel like being blonde, I paint. The hair, each month it changes, “says Neymar.
Survivor. “An accident that almost took our family in the world. Born again there, “said the player.

“I reached the point of you saying: ‘ why would I want that? I don’t want to play football anymore ‘, “reveals Neymar.

How many facets, huh, Neymar? Could enumerate some other? “Extroverted, cheerful, happy, friend, good people,” he says.

Is that the ball must find him too. “I have 50 balls inside, tiny, always where I was going to get the ball, took it, were always together,” says the player.
Went early. Mestre cuca. Knight. DJ. But it all began in and ended in ball trophy. The boy was ‘ celebridadezinha ‘ in the neighborhood.

“I can make a difference in futsal, appeared on direct TV,” says his friend Jonathan.
Jonathan. He was one of the best friends of Neymar in childhood. They wanted the same fate.
“I wanted to be, but lack of opportunity, right? I tried in several clubs here, but today I work at distributor of paints. I’m a helper there, “comments.

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Jonathan follows living in the same place, on B Street, where the joke is the same.
“I had a little Hill so and the game was there. We couldn’t care less. Everybody wanted to play football. And the ball never stayed standing, because if I was on a climb. She just went down, “recalls Neymar.
Garden Glory, neighborhood of modest houses in Praia Grande, São Paulo coast, Neymar lived of 7 to 12 years and, as he put it, the ball just went down to the attack. The boy who would have the biggest rise of Brazilian football in recent years only attacked down. Check this guide on how to use a VPN to watch the world cup online .
“And I played when I was on top, because the ball goes down, then we’re going to hit there,” he says.
Before the B Street, in other distant slopes when Neymar was lap baby, the unexpected happened. “Going down to Santos, lived in Mogi, a runaway car hits us,” reports the player’s father. “What I learned is that I ended up under the seat,” says Neymar.

“You can only see the screaming, things happen, and Neymar is taken from the car bloodied. The blood of a baby of four months, wet, you say: ‘ I was, huh? ‘ “recalls his father.

We already know that the story does not end there. It was a lot of blood and no gravity.
Neymar would be the boy from 50 balls, the small phenomenon of futsal. And who was the coach?
“My first coach, a hug with affection, your athlete Neymar, 100% Jesus Christ”, shows the Betinho autographed ACE.
Betinho had panned Gold: was the discoverer of Robinho. And happened to drop a Neymar in your hands.
“All that Robinho had, he had a double,” said Betinho, discoverer of Neymar.
Child prodigy’s fame reached the ears of the Lord Zito. “Then we went to see Neymar play. There, filled my eyes, filled my eyes, “he recalls.

Zito, the two-time world by steering wheel selection, was supervisor of the basic divisions of the Saints. The problem was that Neymar was only 11 years and the Saints didn’t have a category for that age in soccer.
And now? Simple. “Was created in the Saints a category, because the category did not exist for Neymar play,” says Katie.

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Hearthstone Hacks

We are here to find the best hacks for Hearthstone that really work

Hearthstone Hacks

The duration of: Heroes of Warcraft Hearthstone is great, basically unlimited once you can even play thousands of games. In short, having an Internet connection you can spend your time pleasantly. The races do not exceed five minutes after some time finish the cards (remember you only have 30). Nevertheless, as I said before, you have the possibility to take part in those games you want unlimited.

To: Heroes of Warcraft Hearthstone is free-to-play, so you have no excuse not to try it even once. So far it has become their favorite game for streamers and has gained much ground in the realm of free titles. Its duration is unlimited, the minimum requirements to PC and the hours will entertain you quite a lot.

The simplicity is not your deceives will be, since in essence you should think well your tactics before they act. Best of all is that it has characters from the lore of World of Warcraft, a game he loved very much by many people. The optical sector but also the Sonic is a high level as we have grown accustomed to the Blizzard and all these positive elements together will offer you a very good experience.

Since its introduction late March at PAX East, only the lucky ones working at Blizzard could play at Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (or Hearthstone: Hero of the world war in good french crafts). For others, even the candles burned by entire trucks not there have changed anything, the card game remained as inaccessible as screenshots or concrete info on the Titan project. This Hearthstone Hacks for PC are totally undetectable.

Fortunately, a few rare privileged had the chance and the exclusive honor to be able to lay their hands on Hearthstone, in the premises of Blizzard Europe, at Versailles. The former Royal capital therefore continues the tradition of privileges, since we have been a fortnight to try in the next game in the studio, the first for more than two months.

Friday, May 31, Blizzard Europe therefore called the fansites in its premises for a new Community Summit. This was an opportunity for us to take stock of our exchanges, and especially to deliver us to a session of one hour on the title game, followed by a session of question-answering with Heroes of Warcraft developers. And suffice to say immediately, we were likely to have fallen under the spell of this online card game.

Xekleidwneis or buy card packs, which are completely random what I’ll qualify, such as panini that Kaki mazeyame small (some of us), i.e. can find yourself in the gallery with the cards to you got Office copies of the same card, card number for every megistos is 2. perisseyoyn can all “¨” katastrafoyn and your dinontas the antalagma game “arcane” you to dust ftiaxeis other cards that thewreis more useful to your strategy.
Skilami, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior, Mage, Druid, Hunter.
each class has its own xechwristes the cards with the unique properties of each one, plus general cards that everyone from public kat’epilogin chrisimiopoioyn.

Now is the end of closed beta period in few days tha ginei Championship for user wants to opion I (free) and at LIGO KaiRo will be official release from the company, Pali free natural.

I will say, well the blizzard for the girlfriend’s soul do it free? natural and has no in-game shop to paketakia with agorazeis cards, to plirwneis 1.5 euros for every entrance to the Arena.
But ….the game can be paichtei without Aneta to spend nor half euros. Paizo konta 3 months and I’ve no problem until stigmis.

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